Our curriculum meets the wide range of individual needs and interests in this age group. We provide a safe learning environment that supports a healthy self- image for young children. Our curriculum supports the following:

  • Exploring the nature through field trips, indoor and outdoor play
  • Exploring colors, shapes, sizes, and textures through art, music, science, and play
  • Learning songs and experiencing dance and movement
  • Developing an effective relationship between caregivers and children
  • Promoting language and vocabulary development skills through story telling and play
  • Developing children’s fine and gross motor skills through indoor and outdoor activities


Life Stars Group Childcare creates a positive, loving, and healthy environment for young children that inspires each individual to be creative, respectful, empathetic and passionate about life and learning. Our philosophy encourages children to express themselves freely. We allow children to learn self regulation by labeling their feelings and supporting them without linking negative emotions with attention.

We encourage children to become emotionally confident by giving them choices and providing a trusting base from which to take reasonable risks. We believe the joy satisfaction and power are positive feelings for young children. we will support children’s emotional development by providing many positive interactions with caregivers so that they can feel good about themselves and enjoy their relationships with teachers and their peers through free playing time. We plan some programs to help children understand their feelings, develop emotional awareness, manage their own emotions, feel confident about their abilities and coping skills through team work play, fantasy play, and job practices. We believe children could practice some emotional expressions and develop their problem-solving skills through pretend play.


we believe social skills are important and children need to learn the importance of family and friends. we use several methods of promoting prosocial behavior such as modeling the behavior, encouraging and supporting children, and creating an environment to enhance children’s self – help skills. we involve children in some activities which will enhance their practical social skills and help them learn and apply these skills to other situations. For example, by getting children involved in story- telling, we will enhance their confidence and their language skills. We also provide some programs to help children develop positive friendship skills, social values, and empathy. Moreover, we provide a positive environment to enhance children’s capabilities, work independently, and practice friendly manner, team working, sharing and respecting other ideas. These kinds of activities can be done during story times, playing and circle times. With regards to the different cultures, we provide many chances for children to attend in social programs such as introducing and celebrating the traditional holidays of different cultures.


We will plan some programs that improve children’s problem solving skills such as puzzles, sensory materials and construction toys. We will also enhance their creativity by preparing science and mathematics toys and equipment and flourish their creativity by art equipments.


language is such an important part of our lives and as educators, we are in a position to promote language development. Playing games with sounds and words, telling stories, singing songs, and reciting or creating rhymes and poems should be a seamless part of the day. Pleasurable association with books and words is one of the key correlates to early literacy. We provide some programs which develop children’s language skills by telling stories, and performing shows, activities, and dramatic plays. we will help children in this area by talking to them, listening to them patiently, asking questions, and encouraging them to answer. We speak with them clearly, slowly, using different intonations, and correcting them nicely to make more chances for them to enhance their vocabulary, and use long and meaningful sentences. We also consider some activities, such as telling stories when they are drawing and painting, performing plays and playing dressing up, that help children develop their language skills.


we provide some indoor and outdoor activities which help children have a healthier lifestyle and develop their physical skills. we plan two hours of outside physical activity such as walking, running, jumping rope, and climbing. we also provide some outdoor activities for children such as playing with the ball, exercising, and using the wheeled toys, and other equipment which help children reinforce their large and small muscles. We believe large muscle activity cannot be saved for the outdoor time but must be allowed and encouraged in both inside and outside.  Therefore, we provide some indoor physical activities such as dance or some activities which improve child’s fine motor skills. Moreover, we reduce the screen time at daycare to just thirty minutes per day.