life Stars’ Team

Our teachers hold an Early Childhood Educator certificate. All have a Criminal Record and a First Aid Certificate. Our childcare focuses on teacher leadership through professional development, team building, and collaborative decision making.
The teachers prepares the environment, then acts as a dynamic link between it and the child. They offer support, encouragement, friendship and guidance but let children learn by themselves.
Our teachers are trained to observe, supervise and use personalized lesson plans for each child. Our teaching team is enthusiastic, dedicated and professional. Each individual shows a strong dedication to the vision of our schools.

Nahid Nourbakhsh

My name is Nahid. I am the proud owner and manager of Life Stars Child Care.I have a post basic diploma in Infant/Toddler and Special Needs and I am a BC certified teacher. I have been working as a child care educator since 2012 in Vancouver. I have a master’s degree of Educational Management and work experience of more than 25 years as a principal and teacher. I absolutely love working with kids – their boundless energy, curiosity, and genuine excitement makes each day rewarding. My passion revolves around creating an environment where children not only learn but also flourish emotionally. Connecting with both children and their families is at the core of my dedication, and I am committed to making our child care community a place where every child feels nurtured and supported.

Pegah Hashemi

My name is Pegah. I completed my Early Childhood Education (ECE) Certificate in 2020 and earned my First Aid Certificate in 2022. I’ve had the pleasure of working in this heartwarming field for over 5 years. Working with children has always been more than just a job for me. Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve had the joy of being a part of the Life Stars family and it’s been an incredibly enriching experience. Being with Life Stars Child Care has allowed me to witness the beautiful growth and development of the children in our care. What continues to excite me about this journey is the opportunity to contribute to a warm and nurturing environment that prioritizes each child’s unique learning and discovery process. I look forward to many more wonderful moments with the Life Stars family!

Sepideh Fallahnia

My name is Sepideh. I am ECE holder, First Aid Certified and Infant Toddler student. I have more than 25 years’ experience working with children in different age groups in Canada and my home country. I have always had a strong connection with children. I love how inquisitive and eager they are to try new things and accomplish new goals. I enjoy guiding and assisting children in their growth and development and I hope to make a positive impact on their lives. The best thing about working at Life Stars is meeting all the incredible parents and their children. I also love how close all the staff are and how everyone makes you feel part of the center.

Sanam Malekafzali

My name is Sanam. I am an early childhood educator (ECE) and also hold a valid First Aid certificate. I have been working in this field since 2018, volunteering in different centers and completing courses related to children. I have a strong desire to make a positive impact on young lives. Working with children gives me an opportunity to contribute to their growth, education, and well-being, requiring patience and empathy. I am thrilled to have been a member of the Life Stars team for almost 5 years. I am grateful for having supportive colleagues, and friendly relationships with the staff and parents.

Behnoush Yasavoli

I’m Behnoush Yasavoli, and I’ve been a part of Life Stars since 2022, holding certifications in First Aid, ECE A, and Food Safe. My journey in early childhood education is fueled by a passion for positively impacting young lives through patience and empathy. Over the past two years at Life Stars, I have found the experience to be truly rewarding, thanks to supportive colleagues and a friendly rapport with parents. I am dedicated to cultivating an environment where creativity and compassion intersect, creating an exceptional space for children’s growth and development. I eagerly anticipate contributing to the ongoing success of Life Stars and establishing lasting connections.

Maryam Herman

My name is Maryam, and I hold a certificate in early childhood education. I began my first job at a daycare five years ago, and I have steadily progressed along this path. I have a deep affection for children, with their happiness serving as my primary focus. Following that, I prioritize education, encompassing behavioral development, nature preservation, health, nutrition, manners, respect, and ultimately. Over the years, I’ve worked in numerous daycares with diverse individuals, but it was the environment and love I experienced at Life Stars day care that truly made me happy. I consider it my home and express gratitude for this joy and love.