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Child Care hours: 7:30- 5:30 Five days a week (Monday- Friday)
Part-time schedules are available


Your child will get to know the world around her with all of her senses. Take a look at an age-by-age look at how your child’s understanding of the world will grow from infancy onward.


Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development.


Learning comes naturally to babies and young children. Day by day they are growing physically, emotionally, socially and mentally, developing their intelligence and understanding about the world around them.

Why Life Stars Child Care

Our curriculum meets the wide range of individual needs and interests in this age group. Our curriculum provides a safe learning environment that supports a healthy self- image for young children. Our curriculum supports the following:
– Exploring the nature through field trips, indoor and outdoor play
– Exploring colors, shapes, sizes, and textures through art, music, science, and play
– Learning songs and experiencing dance and movement
– Developing an effective relationship between caregivers and children
– Promoting language and vocabulary development skills through story telling and play
– Developing children’s fine and gross motor skills through indoor and outdoor activities


Life Stars Group Childcare creates a positive, loving, and healthy environment for young children that inspires each individual to be creative, respectful, empathetic and passionate about life and learning.


we believe social skills are important and children need to learn the importance of family and friends. we use several methods of promoting prosocial behavior such as modeling the behavior, encouraging and supporting children, and creating an environment to enhance children’s self – help skills.


we are responsible for designing environments in a way which children can access materials easily and independently. We also provide different materials that make a chance for the children’s exploration of different temperatures, textures, sizes, and shapes.


language is such an important part of our lives and as educators, we are in a position to promote language development. Playing games with sounds and words, telling stories, singing songs, and reciting or creating rhymes and poems should be a seamless part of the day.


we provide some indoor and outdoor activities which help children have a healthier lifestyle and develop their physical skills. we plan two hours of outside physical activity such as walking, running, jumping rope, and climbing.


discipline is a very important part of teaching social skills to children. we know different cultures have different standards and expectations, but we still need to have standards and expectations of children in this small group to guide them towards a positive socialization and make them ready for entering the large group of the society.

Daily Program Plan

Breakfast Time

Free Play(Blocks/Puzzles/Kitchen toys/Dramatic Play)

Circle Time

Hand Washing and Toileting(Snack)

Table Activity(Art/Coloring/Cut & Paste/Alphabet Match/Number Match/Puzzles/Matching game)

Outdoor Activity(Walking Around the Block/Explore Local Play Ground)

Hand Washing(Lunch Time)

Quiet Time/Nap Time

Art Activity(Painting/Coloring/Play Dough/Hand Craft/ Alphabet Practice)

Hand Washing & Snack

Outdoor Activity(Back yard/Sand Box, Water Table, Blow Bubbles, play catch)

Reading time/Story Time

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