Life Stars Child Care has a comprehensive and thoughtful philosophy. Prioritizing a safe and nurturing environment, promoting social and emotional development, and providing age-appropriate learning opportunities align with essential principles in childcare. By recognizing the importance of individual expression, creativity, and a diverse approach to education, Life Stars appears committed to supporting the holistic growth and well-being of the children in its care.

Common elements in our daycare philosophies include fostering a safe and nurturing environment, promoting social and emotional development, providing age-appropriate learning opportunities, respecting cultural values, and encouraging individual expression and creativity.

We consider play as the most important factor for children’s learning. We believe that play can be used as curriculum in a high quality childcare program. We value free play that comes from the children’s interests and we value playing in nature. We recognize that play develops children’s skills and learning concepts. Through play, children get involved in open- ended exploration and discovering. Through play, they also have lots of opportunities to solve problems, develop social and linguistic skills, make choices, and build the foundation for a successful academic life in the future.

We believe in having a flexible program which relates to the kids’ interests and considers the children individually. Programming has to cover all of the needs of the children by considering proper activities that develop all aspects of children’s development, including their intellectual, physical, social and emotional child’s development.

We acknowledge that discipline is a very important part of teaching social skills to children. we know different cultures have different standards and expectations, but we still need to have standards and expectations of children in this small group to guide them towards a positive socialization and make them ready to enter the large group of the society.

Because of our commitment to developing a positive sense of self-esteem, and an independent, responsible and caring behavior on the part of the children, we place setting limits or discipline in a predictable manner.

These are some of our philosophies on discipline: